Hi. Welcome to my little spot on the world wide web. My name is Shelley Berry and I am the owner of Berry Photography. I have a wonderful family and I enjoy living in rural Oklahoma. You'll notice that my photography is less about the posed images that are taken at chain stores and more about the person or people in them. Nothing is quite as sweet as a new born baby in its mother's arms or a couple kissing for the first time as man and wife. I love to capture those unexpected moments. My degree in journalism is an added bonus that helps me tell a story and not simply take a photo.
I strive to keep my prices reasonable for the working family. No one should have to sacrifice quality because they live on a budget. A family photo on the farm is affordable and will be cherished forever.
If you are interested in booking a session or just chatting about photography. Feel free to email me at 918-650-8448 or 918-657-2214
Thank you.